Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great.  Now write a post about it.


First thought in the morning was worry extremely worry about upcoming test in few hour which is very hard for me include Adv.reading which we need to read a lot and prepare a lot for this test and English , bible , Thai exam I think of Thai culture holiday which is makha bucha day it was day about the Thai father which where orange color suite I dot know what we call in English they come in one place together 1250 person without any appointment  like my test today they are together today half day is a test. Is not really bright day for me. And I also get home late because my home is far I get home by school bus I reach home at 4:30 pm and need to start do my homework and next day Algebra test and also PE exam.


First light of the day for me come with many stress and tension.which can effect a lot in my grade.