When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

Proud is something you be proud of yourself or somebody be proud of you it make you feel happy or very happy if your. Parent speak a word that they are very proud of you because of your good manner or good grade in school,help other the person who need help. Do good thing have respect to elder or any other good quality.

The last time I’m proud of my self is my achievement in quarter 2 this years in grade 9 my GPA was 3.87 it make me proud of my self a lot and my family was also very very happy special my mom she is proud of me and this my achievement after long time. Because before I got a lot of health problem ( diabetes blood pressure) (now also have these problem but it is under control )which stop me to attend the classes many time which result of low GPA like 2.70  so I’ m so proud of my self. This time and I’m also fear about quarter 3 I fear that my GPA would be low but l’m tying my best to high grade.