My childhood life 

         Hello ! Today I’m going tell you about my childhood life. Let’s start, first name when I was born my name was Shivam Kurana I born at spiriraat hospital Bangkok which a government hospital. at first I live in Bangkok in place called soi wat chemplee is a small house we don’t have car that time When I was 3-4 years my mom said l love to eat a chips bran kronne and goes to buy it every day, and during that time when my mom was working in housework and I use to disturb her a lot I mom handle it by sing a old slow song and I use to shout and run away and close the door Banggg!!!! And open a brand new music loud. And when I was 4-4 years old our family move to another place but it is not far away from each other and my mom starts new business a Beauty paler during that time I was studying in Thai school because my family cannot handle the fee of international school and the business of family was stable now and due and there is more story that my mom told like that time there was radio or dvd player i’m not sure i use to put the coin in side it and one day it was broken and one time there was a big accident happens in our house, it was published in news paper and television news also it was fire in our house it star from a broken air condition it happens at the early morning we all was sleeping our air con suddenly got a lot of smoke and fire and God bless by mom was having some dream and wake up and we were saved.the owner of our house that we rent are going to make a new building we need so we need to move to another place. So move ( but there some agreement we need to fight to the counts ) to the another which is very near by and my family have Enough money to start there own new business about what there leans one educated about is herbal beauty aroma cosmetic. That time I was   6 years old we use to open a booth in exhibition rent for 10 day per exhibition and I usually went with my mom and dad because there was know one to take care of me at home and I was use to sleep a booth and my mom and dad will carry me home and at the morning bring me to school it was happen for 3-4 years until my mom can keep a servant at home or nanny to take care of me and house and yes we are able to buy a car ( when I was 7 years old I was so happy that time that I can go for holiday with my family out side the Bangkok now. And then we move again to another home which we take a lorn from bank and buy it. Is in bangkae behind the mall bangkae is my present home today. And yes when I was 10 years old I was in bilingual school is like half international school and when I was 12-13 I was in International school. Until now. So according to me I think was lucky to learn many experience of life doing when I was in little age because my family start with not a rich family. I use to know every thing that time and use to go to shop with my mom almost every day. Now i know how to sell thing in my shop when I stay alone I can sent some cosmetic for my mom, now my life is much better when I was in little age.