A thing that transport me to child hood is when I see a mother and a child is some commercial in tv or in any where I think about my child hood when my mom take care of me take a bath for me I love that memory second thing is a grade juice or a generate drink which was my favorite drink when I was a little child  y father use to brought for me one time when I was watching a Santa cruse movie and another day he brought a drink for me and told me that this one Santa brought for me I was very happy and drink it. Today when I ‘m going to drink the generate I always go back to this memory and one more last but not the least there we many many more the 3 one is cheese when I was 4-7 years I was very thin I’m not eating food the doctor said is very dangerous for my health and my dad decide to give me cheddar cheese the slice on everyday and I like it so much and my weight was improve I was getting better and today doctor and my father need to tell me to stop my eating is dangerous for me. 

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