1. Noodle soup. 
 It can be a Tom yum noodle soup or normal noodle soup
It should be a vegetarian but the picture here is not really a vegetarian.

2.thin and crispy pizza with full of black olive mushroom onion tomato and capsicum and cheese.

This picture is not really the topping I wanted

Can be rocket salad with sun died tomato of any but not with cream salad or mayonnaise
-avocado salad
-tomato mozzarella 
– salsa 
– or nay salad 
4.spinach tacos with cheese and vegetable and salsa and sour cream 

5.thai style boiled rice called kao Tom song Kring but a vegetarian one which they put mushroom roasted tofu and fried garlic.
This is not a right picture but similar 

Ka nom cheen nom ya kathi 

This are my favorite but is not complete yet is many many more like

And som tam and paneer tikka and many many more also tomato cream soup and spinach soup and lasanga spinach