Love the magic word which every one love to here. Love there are money kind of love. Some people love car, love there hobby , love to enjoy , and many many more. When we say about love what first come in to your mind ? I guess for mostly teenager is the love between boy friend girl friend and it is a real love? Why don't they think they are too young they think that is a fashion but at this age you should concentrate on your study you should realize that your parent is working hard to pay your fees don't waste the time study hard for your future.

My opinion, the only kind of love or only relation of love that I can describe is love in family, love between mother and child, father and child, child and there parent. is a true love, love without goal love with no reason the love that can protect you from danger the love that will always be with you forever no matter if you are already die but this kind of love will never decreases through time past by no matter how bad we are our parent will never hate us they are always ready forgive us because for them their child are like their life. They can sacrifice there life for us to live to be save. Is a unlimited love, nothing in this world can measure the love that mother gave to their there children, is a true love a love that can keep us safe from surrounded environment. Even we will never understand the meaning of love. Love is undefined. Is a really deep word so those who care friend more than your parent please look back and flash back you memory what did your do for you and please donn't be angry if your decision and your parent decision is not same listen to you parent they think and know every thing more than you. There got a life experience. Today teen always think that there thinking is always right with confident, but please listen to your parent first why there decision is operative from you, parent never think bad for their child, but the child sometime they didn't understand. Love your parent as you love your self.