today is mother day in the united states. whenever in the world you are, write your own mother letter.

Dear lovely Mom,

Hi mom! Today I want to wish you for mother day and thanks for every thing that you done it for and to do it also. Mom without I would not still alive and living this happy life. Mom for me you are more than God because you are the who take care of me when fail , you are the one who wipe my tears when I cry you are the who give power and energy when I fear, I can't love any one more than but I think it will see very little if I compare by your love to me, your love for me is caring , and sacrifice for me, for my good future for my happiness, mom I want to say that I love you so much mom, and I'm really for if. I have done something wrong and make feel sad mom please forgive me and also know that you never angry of me because you already forgive me since that time. Mom I hope you take care of your health and I will also try to take care of you health because you have many series disease which effect you daily life a lot. Mom and I hope that you will love your self also as you love me for you are the best mother in world you are like my friend also and you are my everything with you I would die. Mom I love you so much, may God bless you and may all your wish came truth and may you have a good health and stay with me forever until my will finish. Love so so much mom.

Your lovely child,