tell us about everything that you hoped for actually did.

It all about my study, when I was in kindergarden I can't remember the percentage or gpa. But during that , after exam I got a report card my mom ask for my grade I said in my class room I top 8 or in 8 my mom was so happy she was telling her relative and one ask how many student are in your class I said 11 so it just third to the last I mom thought that it would be more than 20 student and when I was in grade 1&2 I got the 18 place in 25 student and 22 place in 25 student so I want to tell that my study was very bad but when I was in grade 3-5 the grade was 80 above and it fall down again we hen I reach grade 6-8 because I got a lot of health problem it make made a lot of upset in class i got a diabetes, blood pressure and sinus and virus blood and many problem. It make my gpa not more than 2.7 and really really hope that my health will become better and I can be able to attend the school and receive a good grade my goal first set at 3.00 during grade 9 first quarter , during that that time my health was much better than before sugar level in blood , blood pressure every thing is in control by medicine and by my eating. And I pray to every religion of God that please help to stand and get. Good grade again give another chance now my health is much better I can concentrate on my study please give a good brain and power to receive success but before I am able to come to grade9 my mother need to talk to ministry of education by show the hospital paper that I was really sick. After that they aloud me to graduate to grade 9.and finally I got my goal my gpa was 3.55 is first quarter of grade 9 I was really happy my parent also were very happy. I got my goal of success I got a chance to do it again and second quarter gpa was 3.87 and third quarter 3.62 but at least it more than 3.5 but my next goal is 3.9 for 4 quarter I hope it would be possible.