If decide from my personality I think I'm an night owl.because I really like to work at night rather day when I was at smaller age I was sensitive or very scared of ghost I don't know why ? And during the sleeping time there need to be someone who holding my can be father or mother so I can sleep still today I still feel sacred at night so I still sleeping in the same room with my parent it make me feel warm and easy to sleep so if it my holiday I will usually work for my school work at night and sleep at day or morning time it make feel save from harm and dangerous and I will be really fresh at night but I don't like to play game at all Like my other friend because it is waste of time and brain and they miss the sleeping with the nonsense game I never do that if I sleep late during my holiday is watching movie with my family or just alone I don' t the Hollywood movie mostly I like only the famous one like Harry potter I can watched 100 time also still I can watch more time and also pirate of the Caribbean, and iron man also the action and sci fi the magic and the movie about pet I also liked another wise I like Bollywood not old one but new one because I also understand Hindi and the Indian movie it has more story Hollywood and there is also a nice songs in between but not all of the are I choose from the famous actor and the high box office. And I like to work for my project at if it is a holiday.

If it is a school day or according to real , I don't know what to call early bird or night owl because I have know no choice to choose, at day time I have study and work at school for until 3:00 and I will reach home by school bus at 4:40 and do a lot of home and prepare every day test until almost 12:00 at night and wake up at 4:50 at the morning and go to school I think is dual or mix.