It ‘s a hard question. Umm… I think is in our culture when we sew our relative who is elder than us, we need to touch there feed and there will bless us I’m really rebellion to this culture I do only with a very respective person who is able to receive this respect from me like grand parent otherwise I don’t do that but my parent want me to follow this culture, I don’t do it because the person who I really don’t respect from heart is like acting and I don’t like that. Is wrong but I’m ok with it. Another is timing I very bad in this during holiday when there is a lot of homework I always think that I will finish every thing on Friday so I will have free time. And relax but when the the come will first rest on Friday and Saturday enjoy and Sunday do my home work until late at night which I try a lot to change my self but cannot. Another is exercise I never do that which I supposed to because I have high fat in blood which is danger and I don’t like to eat my diabetes medicine I hate it, it make feel like vomiting and some time diarrhea and totally is bad feeling not comfortable and use to skip this medicine Is ok with me because I’m controlling my eating (but not ok with parent and doctor) and I don’t like to drink water also. 
And another I’m not really a compromise person if it in serious situation.if I’m being taking advantage  For example now I’m facing problem with school bus my the distance to home they take my advantage by sending at last student but my home is nearer than another student because my home is near there another work place which there can save there gas in car. I ‘m was very angry but I speak nothing to them but I let my parent speak with school it take 3 week to solve this problem, that time because of his own business profit I have waste 1 more hour in bus normally I reach home at 4:00-4:30 but because of this it take me 4:50:5:30 I said to my parent we are paying a very big amount of money I don’ wanted to com premise in this situation I ‘ m not mad person I don’t care about his business profit it is his problem, I ‘ m paying money he is wrong.first my mom talk to bus but they were very bad, they don’t agree and my mom tell me to cold down Don’t do it in hurry because of mood these people can be vary bad by doing something bad with you. So my parent solve this problem slowly but it was solve. The thing is my mood is very bad if I’m being taking advantage but I’ m not really disagree with this I will not improve this character but whenever this situation come again I will solve it by not using mood to decide.( if could do it)