Respect compromise cooperation
Is a very important character in you
It can  improve your life a lot 
You  can make a new friend 
See a new word 
Be in a good society , until the end of life
Right thought, right communicating , right conduct 
Keep this value with you , never throw it away 
It will protect like a house protect you from climax
Family, parent is like a big  and strong tree in a high temperature 
Of sun light that protect you from a bad weather, bad environment 
That are surrounded you, In this in a moment you are born
You are in risk no one know what will happens in next second
Spent your time in this world wisely 
Don’t wast it, do a good thing , a right thing for yourself
And all our friend in this world 
So you will not die in this word as waste
You will make your name, Lord our God
Will accept you and may have external life forever.