Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?
If one hour is added to each and make it 25 hours a day. First I would wonder how our clock will be or our new timing we will have number 13 or how it would be because 25 is odd number and 24 is even so if we put 1 more number in circle it means we put 2 hour extra so how it would it will vertically or horizontal because I think I could manage to have circle shape or we can just put extra portion on circle. Wow is confusing ???

1 hour added to each is very good because nowadays for us student we really got a lot of homework and project. It hard for to manage  our time for doing work and rest and we also have test almost everyday so we always need to be alert and make the most productive use of our time. Because of these school work it make us miss out some time of relaxing and sleeping which necessary for our age of student to have a proper rest everyday so we can growth properly and our brain can also have a nice rest. Without resting our brain by sleeping it hard for our brain to be as active as it should be in a following day. Next our body also need a rest in order to restore our energy or battery charging for our self other we will feel life less whole day. And if we sleep less many day it can also lead us to sickness which is extremely bad for education and for our emotion also because we need to suffer from pain of sickness and unable to focus on education 100 percent.


Credit to: http://www.rewordit.org/why-your-body-love-to-sleep/
So, 1 hour in normal school day I will use it as additional to my sleeping time or resting time because nowadays I think my resting time does not reach 8 hour per day. Adding one 1 hour more will surely not make it 8 hour but yeah there is a different. One hour more rest can make us feel extremely more fresh and relieve from our stress and battery charge to our body. So for 1 hour added to a day would be very useful for health it would make me more active in following day and it will surely improve my grade.


Cretic to: http://dudeologyforall.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/new-book-new-adventure/
Next if it a holiday means no school day. I would use this extra 1 hours for education purpose for example. Reading book to increase language skill,review our lesson, and prepaid for next year studied by reading book in advance so when school is open we can have a better grade.

So overall this 1 hour is very useful if it can change suppose we have 1 hour extra to we really have 1 extra in our day it would really really helpful to our daily life, our education and our health. These 2 factor is really important for our life to live a student and human.