Daily Prompt:Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?



Anyone know why i select this picture because this creature here is immortal or never die can you imagine there is such really thing that can live forever. let me tell you a short discription about this animals,and why it’s never die, because when it goes old it will start becoming young again and then old again, so this the life cycle of this creature.  wow! impressing yeah !!! i also want to be like this so i can see this world and advanced technology, with my own eyes, yes i want to live as long life as possible. if it possible to live forever that would be awesome!!!. but i don’t want to get old and young again but i just want to young forever.

when did i realize that i will not live forever? let express my feeling from the beginning. when i was young i think that i will live forever, and this believer of immortal become stronger when i watch fantasy movie. which the character never dies, i love to to a type of movie such as Harry Potter it make me think that i have power to spell anyone and i ususlly use chopstick as magic wond to play around with my parent. even today i wish to have a dream i mean at least a dream because yeah we cannot acctually have power like in the novel. but at least i wish to have a dream that i am one of the character in Harry Potter movie and have power and use my power around and at least enjoy in my dream. but until now i wish i could have like in the movie and live forever.

let’s come back main topic actually i actually not sure that when did i realize that i’m not immortal but l’m sure it just past few years back. which was the saddes news in my life. it break my hope of living forever,but i don’t want to think about it beacuse i am a type of person that fear from death. yes i fear to die. thinking about i will die one day in the future is like spoling my mood of the day,and make me depress so i have to focus on present to avoid thinking about dying in future. but actually inner, in my deep point of heart i still really hope that the technology and scientist will find the way for to live forvere, which never die, but don’t worry JESUS is there for us to helping us in second death, so if die in first death Jesus will help us in second death.thank you, good bye, may you all be blessed by God and have a nice day.