Doppelgänger Alert

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?


Wow !. This is very strange I would totally surprise. Don't know what to do. Or what to say I think the chance that this would really happen is very less how can a person choice so identical. I would be shock and may be remind my self that is dream or this is really happening, I would start observe and look around. And talk with the owner of that house how they come up with the decoration like this, where they buy such staff, who are they interior designer, I will ask each and every detail about hoe
W they come with this house.if we think another way, there is many way of thinking.

This is possible!!, if supposed our house and acquaintances house is located at the same village like they got a promotion if you buy a house, you will get furniture and everything free, and yeah this is possible for us, not to be surprise because we buy a house in the same village and at the same promotional time. So is not strange to have a same interior of house.

But If we look from other view, we won't want our house to be identical to anyone right,because that would say that we don't have any of our own idea of decorations. And we ourselves also have our own idea to decorate the way we want. 

Or this can happen when we are cheat by interior design that our house is not identical to anyone is a unique and original design, so we must inform police about our contact with interior design and sue the interior designer.because they lie to us and cheat on us about the design of our house. 

What will I do if this happen ? I would tell the owner of the house that our house look identical so may be ourself, or that person might feel strange and make do some changes to house so that we will feel that our self house will look different, or may be we won't care because we like the way it is. Weather it look like other house or not. Actually it does Not matter if our house look like other house, it actually depend on ourselves that we are satisfy on what we own or not.