Second-Hand Stories

What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all.


there is one story that i would like to share it not from someone told me but, it is from movie which i get really a good lesson from it, actually it all about religions and god.actually is not about one particular religion but for all religion believe, there is one man who does not really believe in god but he do business which is connect to religion he sell statue if god like Jesus statue,hindu god statue, he had a shop, one day his shop got damage by earth quake and he had an insurance.

so, he went to insurance company and ask for his money for the damage but insurance company refuse to give because they said the earthquake is caused by the ACT OF GOD which is written in the agreement that the insurance company will not pay for the act of god, so the man was very discourage because his shop was everything for him, he was middle class person so he has nothing left. actually he was living in India and there was many temple or churches there and he usually be a good donater or always donate the money because his wife really want to but he him self does not believe in any religions so he ask his lawyer to sent the notice to temple and churches where he usually donate the money to pay for his shop damage, because what they believe is god live in temple and now his shop is damage by act of god so he want the monk or who ever that take care of the donation to pay him.

let me skip to the to lesson it teaches us form the story because if tell you the hold story it would tale whole day to type but if you are interested you can see this movie name ”oh my god” so overall the lesson i get from this story is god does not want people to say like if i won a lottery i will give 1000 flower oh he does not not us to ask for something and exchange with some thing. what will god do with 1000 flower or all earthly thing is useless for him, he like our father when ask our father something we just need to be a good person and follow his command and be faithful to him. he don’t want a big statue of him make by gold or wasting oil to put a lamd of light in front of him,instead he want us to help a poor with thoes factor not just wasting it because god is every where and it depend on our self and heart just be a good person. thank you that’s all so stop wasting money on thing that you offer to god and throw it away like milk,oil,flower instead help the poor god will be more happy and just be faithful to him he just like our father. he love us without wanting anything back except our faithfulness and goodness.