No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion. (Thanks for suggesting this prompt, theempathyqueen!)

Life is too short = to full fill our dream and do something good for my love ones.
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When I hear the world life is too short first think of 2012 movie when old men tell other old man to forgive his children because life is too short and sudden after that there is earth quake and it become a comedy screan.
I wanted to share one of the real life example of my family member, he is my father brother or my uncle he has 2 daughter and 1 son or there are my cousin. My uncle was a very good person he work very hard to gain money for his children education. And he never spent a money on his personal life because his income was not a large amount so he need to save his children education, or my cousin they all are elder than me and they get highly educated,finally after his life was full of suffer in working, he got a good time now his good time just started for 6 month because his children was now working, or everyone work now so this family now gain enough income to have a better standard of life so they buy a new house, and a new car, everything was going perfectly now my uncle he can spent money on him self freely and openly because all of his children work now so this family was of happiness.
But, there is one problem between the elder daughter and father, so mostly elder daughter stay in apartment because is it near her work place and due to the struggle between her father, but finally she shifted to her new home after sometime and change her work place to become more near to her home so, she shifted after her other family member 3 month.
Now come the heart braking part, her father was sick and than they when for complete check up they found out, that her father got a cancer a last stage of cancer which doctor said he could not live more than 3 month, her daughter her usually have a conflict with her father, she was extremely sad and her heart was broken into pieces she feel said about her reaction of her father. Now she change her self and took a very good care of his father in last period of life. The sad part is my uncle just start experience a extremely comfort life for 1-2 year and shifted in new home for 6 month.
After a month past by my uncle was shifted to hospital and he was admitted in hospital for 25 days then he was dead.
This lesson teach me that always be good to your family member and everyone so you would suffer later, and also fulfill your own wishes, dream, and desire because you never know what will happen to you or your love one at anytime, just do everyday of your life as a last day or live your everyday life as your last day of your life to fulfill your life with happiness and never regret if something happen because you already do your best.