Waiting Room

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

Yes, I agree. actually it depend what are we waiting for. if we are waiting promotion in our job it might be a year, if waiting for our life partner i might depend what are you looking for, it might be forever.

let me tell you what i,m i waiting for in my life, first I’m waiting for my mom and health problem to gone or we have good and better health.second i’m waiting for my graduation so i can study in medical doctor one of the most awaited goal in my life. next i’m waiting for the time that i will get 4.00 GPA in my life. actually there many thing that i’m waiting for if we speak about long term.

let me talk about short term waiting which is very common among people today, which waiting for a new smart phone to release to the market there are many way to think in this situation.some people are waiting for it price to fall down for example, they like a new iphone 6 but this time is very expansive so they wait for 6 month or a year when people stop rushing for it, like first it release many people are waiting for it and rush to buy because is hot during that time but when a half year past buy people already get what they want and also a new model is coming in next 6 month so no one want the old one now so might rather wait for new  model to come,so the this type of person who like the iphone 6 and don’t care about new model will but the iphone 6 after it release of some time when the price is started to get lower. so this mean if you wait you will get a better price.but not all of people think like this.



for example me my self first i think that i will wait for samsung galaxy note 4, or iphone 6 to come out and i will buy it but my decision change after it come out because i see some of it side effect and this make to wait for samsung galaxy s6 which next year Feb 2015 than i will compare it that which one is better to own or to buy it. and i also not sure about my self if now i’m thinking that is just 6 month and i will get to see a better choice, and from the relese of s6 6 month there will be a release of new model of iphone and note 5 should i wait, so nowis like waiting forever. but why should i spend money for what  i know that there something not good about it, but should a wait to get a good thing,if think that i should wait to get a good thing a perfect phone with no weakness will it happen or i should wait forever and use my old phone. and i also waiting for my parent or any relative to buy for me because i don’t want to use my own money