Let It Be
A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?
yes  there is one restaurant that removed my favorite item from the menu which is a signature that whenever I go to this restaurant I need to order this and suddenly when I visit this restaurant after long time, to specially eat my favorite menu and what happen there is very disappointing. I travel way long and stake on a traffic to eat it but it was removed from the menu.
This happen is wine connection restaurant is an Italian restaurant and my favorite menu is recula goat cheese pizza, is a very Taste menu which I enjoyed a lot the highlight of it is goat cheese, I never tried a goat cheese before but my close relative recommend me to try a goat cheese pizza and when I tried it make a place on my heart which will never be removed away beaches the taste was so good it mild and melt in my mouth and the smell is fantastic and they also put some rocket leave on top which crispy and yummy. And another disappointment about this is my sister she was going visit Thailand after 2 year and I use to tell her about this menu that is extremely taste and I want her to tried because is really really good and I use to tell her every time I talk to her on line and when she come to Thailand she was very exited to taste this menu and when I bring her to this shop even before looking at menu I first order recula goat cheese pizza and the women there said”sorry sir we don’t have that anymore we already canceled that menu from our shop” that time I did not loose my hope have goat cheese pizza because I thought she might be misunderstood because that was a permanent menu, it’s not by seasonal how can it be cancel or finsih,so I start searching this recula goat cheese pizza in menu many time and I did not find it. I was very disappointed how can they cancel such a good menu and I tell my sister for such a long time that will bring you here and let you taste goat cheese pizza and you will love it, but what happen she will never get a chance to taste it anymore and even I will never get a chance to eat it anymore this is very sad and disappointing i’m missing my goat cheese pizza right now 😦