Masks Off‏

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?


Wow this interesting or even fun to think to think about the custom i want to wear and have fun and tell my true, actually I have 2 character which different and used in a different place, first character is quiet which can be use at school. At school I’m very quiet or talk very less and also when I’m in front of some relative or someone I don’t know well, I will be quiet and feel shy and nothing will come out from my mouth even a answer to a question, but if someone is speaking bad or taking my advantage like some relative or out side person that I usually quiet and shy. I will turn to opposite which is no more shyness, respect, goodness, or quietness but ……. You know now what is the meaning of opposite.

My another character is when I’m with my family and my close relative which truly trustable it is also actually different to my first character. So my second character is talkative, or noting can stop me from talking, actually this is my true character which I feel free to reveal only with my family member and close relative because if I reveal out side the bad effect will reflect on me and the people around me will be surprise but sometime I also wanted to reveal my character with my friend but until today I did not got any true and close friend which I’m truly comfortable with

So let’t get back to custom, my custom will be based on my favorite movie which I can watch anytime, even everyday, until now I already watch it may be thousand time. I can remember each scene and dialogue now of this move, is a really favorite movie of mine since when I was young, the movie name is Harry Potter and I have to favorite character is this movie which 2 most powerful character but actually they are not main character but in the movie they show a great magic and great power which is Albus Perceval wulfric Brian Double-door  and Tom marvolo ridden or LORD voldemort but the character that I want to dressed up like lord Voldemort because is a Halloween and he is the dark lord in this movie and also very powerful so I will dress up like him is a black custom completely black a long piece of black fabric like King on the entire body and also I will buy on magic wound and be lord voldemort for one day in my life and if it possible I also want to have his power for one day in my life as well.