Overload Alert

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

Do you agree?



Yes I agree because some time this happen to me to or I can say that this happen to me many time. Sometime we learn many thing and each thing are very complicated which lead to sometime we cannot recognize something which is simple. Because we think that the thing suppose to be complicated because we get into higher level every but sometimes it does not goes always this way because sometime thing can be so simply as easy as our common sense can also solve but because we applied a complicated principal on a simple we can never get the answer or if we get it will longer time then it supposed to be, it all because of we did not recognize and analyze thing carefully and we are over confident of what will believe that how should it be.

Let me tell you one example is about mathematic we are given some problem to solve like x2 + 3x – 23 = 69×4 -5

So at this we already learn many was to solve for this equation like factoring, using square root, completing the square and quadratic function or even more complicated way which I cannot remember the name of it. To solve for but it is very simple but because we learn many thing and many way so in our mind our common sense has been removed away because we learned many complicated thing and we don’t really expect a thing which is simple and common sense but we start using a complicated way to solve for this problem which taking forever time.

The reason why we did not use our common sense is because the lacking of quality in ourselves which is analysis the problem. If we first analyze the problem and tried to understand the meaning of question we can get the answer in even less than a minute.

So the common sense way and solution of that problem is.

Ok first let’s us understand the question so it is asking that at which point that 2 equatiom intersect or meet each other which is also mean the same as what is value of x so what we do is just type the problem into graphics calculator and go to analyze a graph and intersection then we will get the volume of point so this is the simplest way to solve this problem but we can also use other complicated way but is a waste of big amount of time and also brain.