Ready, Set, Done

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


Today let me talk about my desire. Since few months ago I wanted to change my phone but I was finding financial support and I also start looking for the best one. Every week I have to devote sum of my time to see the comparison of the smart phone which now I feel like it was waste of time but I still enjoy to do it so because it let m know more about my future iphone.the phone that are part of my choice are Samsung galaxy note 4,s5,iphone 6,and 6 plus and also planning to wait for s6 but now I usually se a comparison video between iphone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy note 4 both are fabulous phone but note for can do more thing that 6 plus and it is better than in many term which is proven by many research and website but still iphone make a grater business than note 4 I don’t know why, my one relative said because iphone is look luxury to own it more than note 4 people might want to show off if they choice iphone but I thing this is not enough for people to spent such a big amount of money. And find out another reason that I also like about iphone is it is very easy to use it is not as complicated as other Smartphone but is term of function,special feature, and performance note 4 is much better but this note 4 has some side effect which is it deliver poor graphics performance compare to iphone6 because it does some bad engineering but still after all research I have done I feel that note 4 is better than iphone 6 plus, but because of it little side effect and it is not water and dust resistant like s5 I decided to wait for s6 that how it would be compare to note but I like not 4 because of it s pen stylus. It make a lot of thing easier so I was very excited to see the Samsung galaxy note 4 but the moment I got to touch it and play it I was disappointed and all of my excitements are gone because of it is so hard to use it, will I will b able to us that is it so hard  to use. So I started to consider iphone as my choice also but for sure I will also wait to see how will s6 be then I will procede to my final disition bye thank you