Spinning Yarns

What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

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In my opinion there many qualities that make a good story teller. One of the most important quality is Facial expression or expression that the story teller should that he/she is involve in the story of no a story by hard which will make imagine through the story, or when someone tell a story the main reason we enjoyed is because it make us imagine if we imagine about the story is the time we understand and enjoy it. Which will only be provide when we truly understand and enjoy a story which need a good story teller who should show expression and emotion, emotion is also very important qualities that will make us involve in the story.

The best story teller for me in my entire life is person who tell a story to me everyday with love and emotion and she also show a expression which make me enjoy a story. And that person is my mom, my mom is the best story teller for me with her story I have a good night sleep everyday when I was young and her story were unique she always make up her own story usually about animal, good person and bad person, God, evil, and it always teach something and has a ethical rule in it or usually my mom teach me something with telling a story like when bad person do something to achieve something the result always be favor of a good people God will always help a good person, and she always tell a story that can me imagine and feel happy and each story are wonderful and the funny thing is I only got a chance to hear each story only once in my life because each story are unique and she make up by her own which she cannot remember and tell it again because unique but some are not unique she might take it from a good old movie which has a ethical teaching in it each and every story told by my mom is really enjoyable and always teach something. Except some time is teaching nothing but it is very entertaining like for example one time she told a story about insect that there were hiding in passenger bag and has trip for a holiday to America or insect is going to America for a holiday trips this was a good one. So overall friendliness also important if you know a story teller very well you will also enjoy a story and also expression and emotion of story teller