Big Day Ahead
It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?


First let me tell me you the reason of nervousness according to my opinion it is the feeling of fearing that something wrong will happens, may be because sometime you are not confident that you are really prepared for such a big day, or even something because of the preparation is not enough and this feeling of nerve it can be one reason that can destroy everything completely. 

Let me tell you about my experience that how do I do to control my nerve of such big day, usually a big day for me is final examination of a quarter. Which each and everyday because of the preparation to take the exam I have to stay awake whole night or not getting chance of sleeping due to the preparation because the coverage of the exam is usually a lot and it is impossible to sleep at that night so when the time we are going to take exam I will be extremely nervous but the thing that can stop me from it is I know from the deep point of heart that I am very well prepared because I sacrifice my night sleep and tell my self with confident that you already read and remember every thing nothing more you need to know because everything is in your brain so cool down and be confident everything will be alright just cool down be confident you already do your best and remember everything which is need to. 

Yeah so this is my technique, overall is to make yourself believe in yourself that you already well prepared for the big day and nothing can stop you from being successful because you work hard to achieve it, and hard work is a key whole to overall what I mean is everything it depend on yourself and your think which you 
need think positively. Positive thinking can make you fell more confidence and it also kill all your nervous and help you to act in a proper way, and as also give you confident to perform a work better and if you are not nervous and confident it will also show out emotional and if your emotion is bad it will effect your own work so just be confident and good mood and calms down so your brain will have no distraction and you will gain focus which it will help you to achieve a goal with successful.