Fourth Wall
You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.
(Thanks for the lovely prompt idea, Mywitchkitchen!)


Wow this is one of dream I hope that this would really happen I really want to get into my favorite movie because there I can do whatever I want to do and no work, no restriction. So my life freedom and imagine a life in a fantasy movie it would be like heaven I would be extremely enjoying there wow this is really amazing. And my favorite movie that I wanted to be inside is the one only Harry Potter is the most frequently watched movie by me and my favorite movie since I was young and until now I still love the movie Harry Potter because it is about magic and is like dream world which it give me relaxation when I ever I watch and I always desire that one day I want to be in this movie I even pray to God that at least please give me dream that I'm in this movie so at lease I can have the feeling of enjoy and fulfill my dream.

I would chose to be a normal student who is studying in Hogwarts with Harry Potter and be the one of friend and helping because if I chose to be with lord Voldemort on day he will also kill me so I would rather chose to be with Harry Potter and be a friend of his in the movie and studying magic in the amazing school Hogwarts wow can you image being a witchzard and studying spell and miracle thing like I will have power and I will also fight with evil and I can do what ever I won't and also I can help the character in movie a lot because I already watched the movie and I know who is how or I know each and everyone character and I can truly help a good side to fight the evil side and enjoy my life as powerful person in my dream land with all kind of freedom and another thing I want is gold a lot of gold so I can be rich in my movie as well and I also want elder wand and all power or I want to most power person in the story who can never die and live forever in the magic world which you can order whatever you want by just saying it.