No Excess
“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber
Do you agree with this statement on excess? (Thanks for sharing the quote, LuckyestGirl!)

Yes I agree and it's so true everything has it right amount which we need to balance to keep our smooth and for example people says eating calcium is good for bone and we should eat everyday to keep our bond strong and protect it from being too weak that when we face an small accident it will easily broke but do you ever know what is the bad effect of calcium if it too much or too excessive that our body need it. It will cause a calcium clot in our blood vessel which is extremely dangerous sometime our body cannot absorb all the calcium and is too much so it is very dangerous and it can block your blood to travel throughout the body.

Someone one says that for those who got diabetes they should eat some herd which will reduce there sugar level in blood which is true my mom tried herd and she can control her sugar level and people think that herbal has no bad affect in our body because it natural is a herb it cannot cause any harm to our body this idea is extremely false my mom ate a herb to control the sugar level in blood for 10 year which lead her to have some kidney and liver problem this example can tell you that herbal are not always good for our health but is true that it really help my mom to control sugar level in blood but it also cause some harmful decease to my mom like kidney and liver problem but it also dose not mean that you cannot take or eat herb yes you can but do it for long term because too much is really bad just be-careful and never believe that something has no side effect for long term every thing has a side effect for long term which you need to do a research and recognize it before it effect before it effect you or harm you.
Even studying too much and not find a time to make yourself relax has a side effect, even eating too much fruit which believe to good for you health has a side before you do anything thing or eating anything you need to research every for your own health and it so true that too much of every thing is bad.