Reader’s Block
What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

Actually for the educational purpose I need to read a book everyday because is unavoidable is our duty as a student to complete our education for us to have a good life and good job when we grow older so if we counting also the educational purpose book the longest time might be 2 months because this is a period for a summer holiday or the end of the year yeah you can see that i'm a person who don't really like reading because I feels that is a boring activity and since I have a eyes problem I feel headache when I stir or look at book for a long time so I' m a person that dislike reading but it does not mean that I don't of cause I read but only for a specific purpose like for my exam and all educational purpose because it is the only way that is can be successful in my life is only by receiving a education without receiving a education we would have a chance to have better life. 

But if we also talk about the normal book like normal or something that not related to school prepose or school work, For the entire life I don't really remember that I have read the thick book but of course I have read some small novel when I was young you know just a 10-40 pages with the full of graphics and images and a little bit of text, when I was younger I enjoy reading those book but when I found out that it is boring I stop reading it and after few year I read a book about star and Galaxy or out side the earth I really enjoy those information when I was young so I read some book about that but not entire book because it's to much, but for few year after attend 7 day Adventist school name.Ramkhamheang advent international school I need to read bible as well and I have finish 3-5. Book in bible completely and that's.feel amazing I finally finish some book ohhh and also I finish one novel long novel in my life which is scarlet letter but it was a requirement of the English class so overall without something related to education I have read nothing for many year already.