Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.



Actually both was massy but I already clean up one which is my computer desktop before it was really messy because when I do my work or save any image from Internet I always save on my desktop because is easy to get for doing further work or edit and it is vey easy to find it, so it was very messy it was full of Microsoft word file and power point file and images that I save from Internet to do my project and school work but after I feel difficult to find something I need like I can’t even find my computer on my desktop because it was really really messy so what I do to clean it up is I create one folder and set it name as all and I just drag all my Microsoft word file, PowerPoint file, and all images which is not the main thing that should be on desktop like my computer, recycle bin, and all basic think I just arrange it properly in desktop and other I just put it in one folder which name all that’s all my desktop is looking cleans and feel good to use it.

Now the thing which is messy right now is my bed room because when I do homework, I always do it one my bed and also my laptop it use to be on my bed when I’m working and also all the book and note book, pen, pencil , paper , folder, eraser can you imagine is everything just on my bed and I can’t even strength my legs or move my body freely because I’m surrounded by book and all study material computer and …….. So the moment I feel tired and or I’m done with my work or when I decide to sleep I will just remove everything from bad and transfer it to the side of bed without arranging it because I’m sleepy and tired to do it so I just leave beside my bed every and it really look messy you computer and book and paper, pen, pencil it just not arrange and it look like dust or dustbin area but I’m too tired to arranged and when the morning when my mom see how messy it is she will start shout at me.kevinnnnnnnnn.so it means that my bad room is more messier.