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Sparkling or Still‏

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.
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Wow this is nice to imagine a one day off, what will I do, I would make a nice vocation plan which is going to a nice and beautiful beach.

I would go to luxury 5 star resort which is a extremely private and stay in a villa or presidential suit which is next to beach or private beach area included and I would sleep on a bed and look at the wave of the ocean and listen the sound of sea and sea wave and sleep for a short period of time and then I would get back to my presidential suit to the playroom section which I will look at my menu and order my favorite Italian food like pizza, raviole, Spaghitti, tacos, spinach lasagna, and while waiting for my food I will open look at my window to the beautiful sea view and mountain view and Relax for a short period time while waiting for my favorite Italian food to come to my room and when the food is ready I will slowly eat my food and enjoy it and after that I will have a walk on beach to let my food to digest after my food already digest I will change my customs and go for swimming at beach and hotel swimming pool , switch alternately between swimming pool and beach after I'm happy and satisfy I will take a bath and go to the restaurant in my resort the open air one and will order some frappe,sandwich, and cheese cake, and some more sweet item after that I will find some activity to do or go out for a short shopping to digest my snake than I will come back to my resort and order some boat to visit some island and do some snorkeling and enjoy. After come back from my side sea and will go to the my resort spa and have a nice food massage and spa for 2 hr. Now after that I might be Hungary now i will visit a Italian restaurant and order some rocket salad and mushroom soup and some other item. After that some sweet and I will go back to my room and watch some tv and after that I will enjoy presidential suit bathroom, like sauna, jacuzzi and after that I will watch tv and when I get sleepy I will go for sleep and have a good dream.

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Ready, Set, Done

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


Today let me talk about my desire. Since few months ago I wanted to change my phone but I was finding financial support and I also start looking for the best one. Every week I have to devote sum of my time to see the comparison of the smart phone which now I feel like it was waste of time but I still enjoy to do it so because it let m know more about my future iphone.the phone that are part of my choice are Samsung galaxy note 4,s5,iphone 6,and 6 plus and also planning to wait for s6 but now I usually se a comparison video between iphone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy note 4 both are fabulous phone but note for can do more thing that 6 plus and it is better than in many term which is proven by many research and website but still iphone make a grater business than note 4 I don’t know why, my one relative said because iphone is look luxury to own it more than note 4 people might want to show off if they choice iphone but I thing this is not enough for people to spent such a big amount of money. And find out another reason that I also like about iphone is it is very easy to use it is not as complicated as other Smartphone but is term of function,special feature, and performance note 4 is much better but this note 4 has some side effect which is it deliver poor graphics performance compare to iphone6 because it does some bad engineering but still after all research I have done I feel that note 4 is better than iphone 6 plus, but because of it little side effect and it is not water and dust resistant like s5 I decided to wait for s6 that how it would be compare to note but I like not 4 because of it s pen stylus. It make a lot of thing easier so I was very excited to see the Samsung galaxy note 4 but the moment I got to touch it and play it I was disappointed and all of my excitements are gone because of it is so hard to use it, will I will b able to us that is it so hard  to use. So I started to consider iphone as my choice also but for sure I will also wait to see how will s6 be then I will procede to my final disition bye thank you

Daily Prompt: Waiting Room.

Waiting Room

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

Yes, I agree. actually it depend what are we waiting for. if we are waiting promotion in our job it might be a year, if waiting for our life partner i might depend what are you looking for, it might be forever.

let me tell you what i,m i waiting for in my life, first I’m waiting for my mom and health problem to gone or we have good and better health.second i’m waiting for my graduation so i can study in medical doctor one of the most awaited goal in my life. next i’m waiting for the time that i will get 4.00 GPA in my life. actually there many thing that i’m waiting for if we speak about long term.

let me talk about short term waiting which is very common among people today, which waiting for a new smart phone to release to the market there are many way to think in this situation.some people are waiting for it price to fall down for example, they like a new iphone 6 but this time is very expansive so they wait for 6 month or a year when people stop rushing for it, like first it release many people are waiting for it and rush to buy because is hot during that time but when a half year past buy people already get what they want and also a new model is coming in next 6 month so no one want the old one now so might rather wait for new  model to come,so the this type of person who like the iphone 6 and don’t care about new model will but the iphone 6 after it release of some time when the price is started to get lower. so this mean if you wait you will get a better price.but not all of people think like this.


for example me my self first i think that i will wait for samsung galaxy note 4, or iphone 6 to come out and i will buy it but my decision change after it come out because i see some of it side effect and this make to wait for samsung galaxy s6 which next year Feb 2015 than i will compare it that which one is better to own or to buy it. and i also not sure about my self if now i’m thinking that is just 6 month and i will get to see a better choice, and from the relese of s6 6 month there will be a release of new model of iphone and note 5 should i wait, so nowis like waiting forever. but why should i spend money for what  i know that there something not good about it, but should a wait to get a good thing,if think that i should wait to get a good thing a perfect phone with no weakness will it happen or i should wait forever and use my old phone. and i also waiting for my parent or any relative to buy for me because i don’t want to use my own money

Second-Hand Stories

What’s the best story someone else has recently told you (in person, preferably)? Share it with us, and feel free to embellish — that’s how good stories become great, after all.


there is one story that i would like to share it not from someone told me but, it is from movie which i get really a good lesson from it, actually it all about religions and god.actually is not about one particular religion but for all religion believe, there is one man who does not really believe in god but he do business which is connect to religion he sell statue if god like Jesus statue,hindu god statue, he had a shop, one day his shop got damage by earth quake and he had an insurance.

so, he went to insurance company and ask for his money for the damage but insurance company refuse to give because they said the earthquake is caused by the ACT OF GOD which is written in the agreement that the insurance company will not pay for the act of god, so the man was very discourage because his shop was everything for him, he was middle class person so he has nothing left. actually he was living in India and there was many temple or churches there and he usually be a good donater or always donate the money because his wife really want to but he him self does not believe in any religions so he ask his lawyer to sent the notice to temple and churches where he usually donate the money to pay for his shop damage, because what they believe is god live in temple and now his shop is damage by act of god so he want the monk or who ever that take care of the donation to pay him.

let me skip to the to lesson it teaches us form the story because if tell you the hold story it would tale whole day to type but if you are interested you can see this movie name ”oh my god” so overall the lesson i get from this story is god does not want people to say like if i won a lottery i will give 1000 flower oh he does not not us to ask for something and exchange with some thing. what will god do with 1000 flower or all earthly thing is useless for him, he like our father when ask our father something we just need to be a good person and follow his command and be faithful to him. he don’t want a big statue of him make by gold or wasting oil to put a lamd of light in front of him,instead he want us to help a poor with thoes factor not just wasting it because god is every where and it depend on our self and heart just be a good person. thank you that’s all so stop wasting money on thing that you offer to god and throw it away like milk,oil,flower instead help the poor god will be more happy and just be faithful to him he just like our father. he love us without wanting anything back except our faithfulness and goodness.

Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?
If one hour is added to each and make it 25 hours a day. First I would wonder how our clock will be or our new timing we will have number 13 or how it would be because 25 is odd number and 24 is even so if we put 1 more number in circle it means we put 2 hour extra so how it would it will vertically or horizontal because I think I could manage to have circle shape or we can just put extra portion on circle. Wow is confusing ???

1 hour added to each is very good because nowadays for us student we really got a lot of homework and project. It hard for to manage  our time for doing work and rest and we also have test almost everyday so we always need to be alert and make the most productive use of our time. Because of these school work it make us miss out some time of relaxing and sleeping which necessary for our age of student to have a proper rest everyday so we can growth properly and our brain can also have a nice rest. Without resting our brain by sleeping it hard for our brain to be as active as it should be in a following day. Next our body also need a rest in order to restore our energy or battery charging for our self other we will feel life less whole day. And if we sleep less many day it can also lead us to sickness which is extremely bad for education and for our emotion also because we need to suffer from pain of sickness and unable to focus on education 100 percent.


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So, 1 hour in normal school day I will use it as additional to my sleeping time or resting time because nowadays I think my resting time does not reach 8 hour per day. Adding one 1 hour more will surely not make it 8 hour but yeah there is a different. One hour more rest can make us feel extremely more fresh and relieve from our stress and battery charge to our body. So for 1 hour added to a day would be very useful for health it would make me more active in following day and it will surely improve my grade.


Cretic to:
Next if it a holiday means no school day. I would use this extra 1 hours for education purpose for example. Reading book to increase language skill,review our lesson, and prepaid for next year studied by reading book in advance so when school is open we can have a better grade.

So overall this 1 hour is very useful if it can change suppose we have 1 hour extra to we really have 1 extra in our day it would really really helpful to our daily life, our education and our health. These 2 factor is really important for our life to live a student and human.


It ‘s a hard question. Umm… I think is in our culture when we sew our relative who is elder than us, we need to touch there feed and there will bless us I’m really rebellion to this culture I do only with a very respective person who is able to receive this respect from me like grand parent otherwise I don’t do that but my parent want me to follow this culture, I don’t do it because the person who I really don’t respect from heart is like acting and I don’t like that. Is wrong but I’m ok with it. Another is timing I very bad in this during holiday when there is a lot of homework I always think that I will finish every thing on Friday so I will have free time. And relax but when the the come will first rest on Friday and Saturday enjoy and Sunday do my home work until late at night which I try a lot to change my self but cannot. Another is exercise I never do that which I supposed to because I have high fat in blood which is danger and I don’t like to eat my diabetes medicine I hate it, it make feel like vomiting and some time diarrhea and totally is bad feeling not comfortable and use to skip this medicine Is ok with me because I’m controlling my eating (but not ok with parent and doctor) and I don’t like to drink water also. 
And another I’m not really a compromise person if it in serious situation.if I’m being taking advantage  For example now I’m facing problem with school bus my the distance to home they take my advantage by sending at last student but my home is nearer than another student because my home is near there another work place which there can save there gas in car. I ‘m was very angry but I speak nothing to them but I let my parent speak with school it take 3 week to solve this problem, that time because of his own business profit I have waste 1 more hour in bus normally I reach home at 4:00-4:30 but because of this it take me 4:50:5:30 I said to my parent we are paying a very big amount of money I don’ wanted to com premise in this situation I ‘ m not mad person I don’t care about his business profit it is his problem, I ‘ m paying money he is wrong.first my mom talk to bus but they were very bad, they don’t agree and my mom tell me to cold down Don’t do it in hurry because of mood these people can be vary bad by doing something bad with you. So my parent solve this problem slowly but it was solve. The thing is my mood is very bad if I’m being taking advantage but I’ m not really disagree with this I will not improve this character but whenever this situation come again I will solve it by not using mood to decide.( if could do it)