Big Day Ahead
It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?


First let me tell me you the reason of nervousness according to my opinion it is the feeling of fearing that something wrong will happens, may be because sometime you are not confident that you are really prepared for such a big day, or even something because of the preparation is not enough and this feeling of nerve it can be one reason that can destroy everything completely. 

Let me tell you about my experience that how do I do to control my nerve of such big day, usually a big day for me is final examination of a quarter. Which each and everyday because of the preparation to take the exam I have to stay awake whole night or not getting chance of sleeping due to the preparation because the coverage of the exam is usually a lot and it is impossible to sleep at that night so when the time we are going to take exam I will be extremely nervous but the thing that can stop me from it is I know from the deep point of heart that I am very well prepared because I sacrifice my night sleep and tell my self with confident that you already read and remember every thing nothing more you need to know because everything is in your brain so cool down and be confident everything will be alright just cool down be confident you already do your best and remember everything which is need to. 

Yeah so this is my technique, overall is to make yourself believe in yourself that you already well prepared for the big day and nothing can stop you from being successful because you work hard to achieve it, and hard work is a key whole to overall what I mean is everything it depend on yourself and your think which you 
need think positively. Positive thinking can make you fell more confidence and it also kill all your nervous and help you to act in a proper way, and as also give you confident to perform a work better and if you are not nervous and confident it will also show out emotional and if your emotion is bad it will effect your own work so just be confident and good mood and calms down so your brain will have no distraction and you will gain focus which it will help you to achieve a goal with successful. 


Overload Alert

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

Do you agree?


Yes I agree because some time this happen to me to or I can say that this happen to me many time. Sometime we learn many thing and each thing are very complicated which lead to sometime we cannot recognize something which is simple. Because we think that the thing suppose to be complicated because we get into higher level every but sometimes it does not goes always this way because sometime thing can be so simply as easy as our common sense can also solve but because we applied a complicated principal on a simple we can never get the answer or if we get it will longer time then it supposed to be, it all because of we did not recognize and analyze thing carefully and we are over confident of what will believe that how should it be.

Let me tell you one example is about mathematic we are given some problem to solve like x2 + 3x – 23 = 69×4 -5

So at this we already learn many was to solve for this equation like factoring, using square root, completing the square and quadratic function or even more complicated way which I cannot remember the name of it. To solve for but it is very simple but because we learn many thing and many way so in our mind our common sense has been removed away because we learned many complicated thing and we don’t really expect a thing which is simple and common sense but we start using a complicated way to solve for this problem which taking forever time.

The reason why we did not use our common sense is because the lacking of quality in ourselves which is analysis the problem. If we first analyze the problem and tried to understand the meaning of question we can get the answer in even less than a minute.

So the common sense way and solution of that problem is.

Ok first let’s us understand the question so it is asking that at which point that 2 equatiom intersect or meet each other which is also mean the same as what is value of x so what we do is just type the problem into graphics calculator and go to analyze a graph and intersection then we will get the volume of point so this is the simplest way to solve this problem but we can also use other complicated way but is a waste of big amount of time and also brain.

Let It Be
A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?
yes  there is one restaurant that removed my favorite item from the menu which is a signature that whenever I go to this restaurant I need to order this and suddenly when I visit this restaurant after long time, to specially eat my favorite menu and what happen there is very disappointing. I travel way long and stake on a traffic to eat it but it was removed from the menu.
This happen is wine connection restaurant is an Italian restaurant and my favorite menu is recula goat cheese pizza, is a very Taste menu which I enjoyed a lot the highlight of it is goat cheese, I never tried a goat cheese before but my close relative recommend me to try a goat cheese pizza and when I tried it make a place on my heart which will never be removed away beaches the taste was so good it mild and melt in my mouth and the smell is fantastic and they also put some rocket leave on top which crispy and yummy. And another disappointment about this is my sister she was going visit Thailand after 2 year and I use to tell her about this menu that is extremely taste and I want her to tried because is really really good and I use to tell her every time I talk to her on line and when she come to Thailand she was very exited to taste this menu and when I bring her to this shop even before looking at menu I first order recula goat cheese pizza and the women there said”sorry sir we don’t have that anymore we already canceled that menu from our shop” that time I did not loose my hope have goat cheese pizza because I thought she might be misunderstood because that was a permanent menu, it’s not by seasonal how can it be cancel or finsih,so I start searching this recula goat cheese pizza in menu many time and I did not find it. I was very disappointed how can they cancel such a good menu and I tell my sister for such a long time that will bring you here and let you taste goat cheese pizza and you will love it, but what happen she will never get a chance to taste it anymore and even I will never get a chance to eat it anymore this is very sad and disappointing i’m missing my goat cheese pizza right now 😦

Masks Off‏

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?


Wow this interesting or even fun to think to think about the custom i want to wear and have fun and tell my true, actually I have 2 character which different and used in a different place, first character is quiet which can be use at school. At school I’m very quiet or talk very less and also when I’m in front of some relative or someone I don’t know well, I will be quiet and feel shy and nothing will come out from my mouth even a answer to a question, but if someone is speaking bad or taking my advantage like some relative or out side person that I usually quiet and shy. I will turn to opposite which is no more shyness, respect, goodness, or quietness but ……. You know now what is the meaning of opposite.

My another character is when I’m with my family and my close relative which truly trustable it is also actually different to my first character. So my second character is talkative, or noting can stop me from talking, actually this is my true character which I feel free to reveal only with my family member and close relative because if I reveal out side the bad effect will reflect on me and the people around me will be surprise but sometime I also wanted to reveal my character with my friend but until today I did not got any true and close friend which I’m truly comfortable with

So let’t get back to custom, my custom will be based on my favorite movie which I can watch anytime, even everyday, until now I already watch it may be thousand time. I can remember each scene and dialogue now of this move, is a really favorite movie of mine since when I was young, the movie name is Harry Potter and I have to favorite character is this movie which 2 most powerful character but actually they are not main character but in the movie they show a great magic and great power which is Albus Perceval wulfric Brian Double-door  and Tom marvolo ridden or LORD voldemort but the character that I want to dressed up like lord Voldemort because is a Halloween and he is the dark lord in this movie and also very powerful so I will dress up like him is a black custom completely black a long piece of black fabric like King on the entire body and also I will buy on magic wound and be lord voldemort for one day in my life and if it possible I also want to have his power for one day in my life as well.

Verbal Confirmation

To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?


There are 2 verb that according to my opinion is characterized me the most. First to think, second is to do.

Why to think? Because as we know before doing anything, thinking and analyzing is very important if we don’t what will we do. Just do, do what ?? It’s impossible to do anything without thinking but is possible to think less before do but the result is not to good to or it can also be extremely bad result, like for example criminal how are criminal born or been produced because of less thinking and bad doing. Criminal just think of short term gain but they don’t think of long term affect from there future and also what will happen other life so it result from thinking less and doing bad. So from many cases in our society and world we can conclude that thinking and doing is very important verb in our life is the verb that we us every day, every hour, every minute, every sec, and every movement in our life, physically and mentally.

Actually every verb can characterize everyone because there nothing in anyone life that is not present as an experience or part of life. But we need to start with something to achieve something like to have what we need to do have or actually it depend on to have what like if we want to have happiness and joy it depend all on ourself on the way we think, bible says that happiness and sadness is all depend on our self. And also the way we think, actually it all depend on thinking how do we think to be happy and how to we think to be sad, if we always compare your self with person who is grater than you financially or mentally or what ever way you will never find happiness because the definition of enough will never apply to your life, but it does not mean that you don’t need to work hard and just still because that will also lead you nothing, but it mean for you you to be happy with what ever you have and what ever you be if you already tried your best to achieve it.   Next is to do without doing anything you can achieve nothing so is like thinking and doing is together they go together. You need to think before you do. Because doing without thinking it will lead to disappointments, or thinking without doing it will also lead you to we should always think and do ethically and creatively and always work hard to do well or to do good.

Spinning Yarns

What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

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In my opinion there many qualities that make a good story teller. One of the most important quality is Facial expression or expression that the story teller should that he/she is involve in the story of no a story by hard which will make imagine through the story, or when someone tell a story the main reason we enjoyed is because it make us imagine if we imagine about the story is the time we understand and enjoy it. Which will only be provide when we truly understand and enjoy a story which need a good story teller who should show expression and emotion, emotion is also very important qualities that will make us involve in the story.

The best story teller for me in my entire life is person who tell a story to me everyday with love and emotion and she also show a expression which make me enjoy a story. And that person is my mom, my mom is the best story teller for me with her story I have a good night sleep everyday when I was young and her story were unique she always make up her own story usually about animal, good person and bad person, God, evil, and it always teach something and has a ethical rule in it or usually my mom teach me something with telling a story like when bad person do something to achieve something the result always be favor of a good people God will always help a good person, and she always tell a story that can me imagine and feel happy and each story are wonderful and the funny thing is I only got a chance to hear each story only once in my life because each story are unique and she make up by her own which she cannot remember and tell it again because unique but some are not unique she might take it from a good old movie which has a ethical teaching in it each and every story told by my mom is really enjoyable and always teach something. Except some time is teaching nothing but it is very entertaining like for example one time she told a story about insect that there were hiding in passenger bag and has trip for a holiday to America or insect is going to America for a holiday trips this was a good one. So overall friendliness also important if you know a story teller very well you will also enjoy a story and also expression and emotion of story teller

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Ready, Set, Done

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


Today let me talk about my desire. Since few months ago I wanted to change my phone but I was finding financial support and I also start looking for the best one. Every week I have to devote sum of my time to see the comparison of the smart phone which now I feel like it was waste of time but I still enjoy to do it so because it let m know more about my future iphone.the phone that are part of my choice are Samsung galaxy note 4,s5,iphone 6,and 6 plus and also planning to wait for s6 but now I usually se a comparison video between iphone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy note 4 both are fabulous phone but note for can do more thing that 6 plus and it is better than in many term which is proven by many research and website but still iphone make a grater business than note 4 I don’t know why, my one relative said because iphone is look luxury to own it more than note 4 people might want to show off if they choice iphone but I thing this is not enough for people to spent such a big amount of money. And find out another reason that I also like about iphone is it is very easy to use it is not as complicated as other Smartphone but is term of function,special feature, and performance note 4 is much better but this note 4 has some side effect which is it deliver poor graphics performance compare to iphone6 because it does some bad engineering but still after all research I have done I feel that note 4 is better than iphone 6 plus, but because of it little side effect and it is not water and dust resistant like s5 I decided to wait for s6 that how it would be compare to note but I like not 4 because of it s pen stylus. It make a lot of thing easier so I was very excited to see the Samsung galaxy note 4 but the moment I got to touch it and play it I was disappointed and all of my excitements are gone because of it is so hard to use it, will I will b able to us that is it so hard  to use. So I started to consider iphone as my choice also but for sure I will also wait to see how will s6 be then I will procede to my final disition bye thank you