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Dictionary, Shmictionary
Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).
Actually there are many time i did this, when I was young I usually used a word that I not actually know a real meaning of it. Which I usually be scold by my parent, that it was a bad word but usually did'nt here it from the movie and don't know the meaning of it and use it in front of my many family member and they are surprise but I don't specifically remember what word was that because it was long time ago no one can remember it right now and also I here it from a school when I was in the kindergarden i travel back home by school bus and my set mate was a high school student and when they talk together I observe many word and I usually ask my parent or before asking I used by mistake or even tell it to them and then when they explain to me I will know that I was not suppose to use that word.

Now let me tell you a real event that I can completely remember and fell insulting of my self. On day I call to hospital to get a appointment of doctor at the hospital, and they ask a full name of doctor his name was Dr.phat but before the name there was some abbreviation letter which the real meaning is professor but it was in thai I misunderstand it. The meaning of profess in thai is sat-tra-chan and I misunderstood the abbreviation as sat-ta-va-pheat which mean animal doctor and instead of i telling the call center girl sattrachann pheat phat and told "her sattava pheat phat " and she said please can you tell the mean of doctor again I told her doctor phat i mean sattava pheat phat and she start laughing a lot and like non stop language I was surprise and thinking what is going on why is laughing at me a lot I just tell her the name of doctor I she tell me ok your appointment is fix, and then I ask my mom why was she laughing a lot I just told the name of the doctor and tell my mom exact word what I told the call center girl and then my mom tell me the real meaning of the word and I was also started to laugh a lot like non stop and share this joke to my relative so they may also be entertained a story of dog doctor as human doctor.

No Excess
“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber
Do you agree with this statement on excess? (Thanks for sharing the quote, LuckyestGirl!)

Yes I agree and it's so true everything has it right amount which we need to balance to keep our smooth and for example people says eating calcium is good for bone and we should eat everyday to keep our bond strong and protect it from being too weak that when we face an small accident it will easily broke but do you ever know what is the bad effect of calcium if it too much or too excessive that our body need it. It will cause a calcium clot in our blood vessel which is extremely dangerous sometime our body cannot absorb all the calcium and is too much so it is very dangerous and it can block your blood to travel throughout the body.

Someone one says that for those who got diabetes they should eat some herd which will reduce there sugar level in blood which is true my mom tried herd and she can control her sugar level and people think that herbal has no bad affect in our body because it natural is a herb it cannot cause any harm to our body this idea is extremely false my mom ate a herb to control the sugar level in blood for 10 year which lead her to have some kidney and liver problem this example can tell you that herbal are not always good for our health but is true that it really help my mom to control sugar level in blood but it also cause some harmful decease to my mom like kidney and liver problem but it also dose not mean that you cannot take or eat herb yes you can but do it for long term because too much is really bad just be-careful and never believe that something has no side effect for long term every thing has a side effect for long term which you need to do a research and recognize it before it effect before it effect you or harm you.
Even studying too much and not find a time to make yourself relax has a side effect, even eating too much fruit which believe to good for you health has a side before you do anything thing or eating anything you need to research every for your own health and it so true that too much of every thing is bad.

Unequal Terms

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

(Don’t forget to tag your post with “Inequality” — or #inequality on Twitter — so that other participants might find it.)


Inequality means a lot to me because is a thing that contain or lead to unfairness in our world society. Inequality is a really bad thing, this thing can make a person loss many advantages which they suppose to get and also can lead a person to depression because the feeling of being unequal or feel that they are not qualified as other. Inequality is born from a personal or a person perspective of looking other in a negative way or sometime underestimate them or also sometime they have a intension to take advantages so they treat people differently. So I think is all about a person or a group of person  treating other not equally but according to their mood, personal feeling, or a perspective about that person.

I will share my experience of facing inequality, one day I went to Italian restaurant with my family and we order some food and a table near to us is a foreigner and we are not foreigner and that day we ordered some of the same item and what the Italian restaurant do is  they give the foreigner in a larger amount and give us in a lesser amount that really unfair because we are paying same amount so next time we will not attend this restaurant anymore is too much is like acting against as.

And mostly inequality also happen to a person who know less about their right and usually been taking advantage by other like for example a person or people that just come out of Bangkok their had been treated not equally as a person who lived here and know how thing is suppose to be or go on in this city so the person who come from out of Bangkok usually been taking advantage from a bad and selfish people by charging over price in many thing.

And in to day world we can see inequality every where because today world it give a person who is more financially richer and who has a great name in a society or a person who is richer will usually been treated differently like they will be treat by other people fairly or even over fair because the people know that if they don’t treat these people fairly they will get into trouble but with a normal people who is not as rich and we’ll known as them sometime are being taking advantages.

Reader’s Block
What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

Actually for the educational purpose I need to read a book everyday because is unavoidable is our duty as a student to complete our education for us to have a good life and good job when we grow older so if we counting also the educational purpose book the longest time might be 2 months because this is a period for a summer holiday or the end of the year yeah you can see that i'm a person who don't really like reading because I feels that is a boring activity and since I have a eyes problem I feel headache when I stir or look at book for a long time so I' m a person that dislike reading but it does not mean that I don't of cause I read but only for a specific purpose like for my exam and all educational purpose because it is the only way that is can be successful in my life is only by receiving a education without receiving a education we would have a chance to have better life. 

But if we also talk about the normal book like normal or something that not related to school prepose or school work, For the entire life I don't really remember that I have read the thick book but of course I have read some small novel when I was young you know just a 10-40 pages with the full of graphics and images and a little bit of text, when I was younger I enjoy reading those book but when I found out that it is boring I stop reading it and after few year I read a book about star and Galaxy or out side the earth I really enjoy those information when I was young so I read some book about that but not entire book because it's to much, but for few year after attend 7 day Adventist school name.Ramkhamheang advent international school I need to read bible as well and I have finish 3-5. Book in bible completely and that's.feel amazing I finally finish some book ohhh and also I finish one novel long novel in my life which is scarlet letter but it was a requirement of the English class so overall without something related to education I have read nothing for many year already. 

Fourth Wall
You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.
(Thanks for the lovely prompt idea, Mywitchkitchen!)


Wow this is one of dream I hope that this would really happen I really want to get into my favorite movie because there I can do whatever I want to do and no work, no restriction. So my life freedom and imagine a life in a fantasy movie it would be like heaven I would be extremely enjoying there wow this is really amazing. And my favorite movie that I wanted to be inside is the one only Harry Potter is the most frequently watched movie by me and my favorite movie since I was young and until now I still love the movie Harry Potter because it is about magic and is like dream world which it give me relaxation when I ever I watch and I always desire that one day I want to be in this movie I even pray to God that at least please give me dream that I'm in this movie so at lease I can have the feeling of enjoy and fulfill my dream.

I would chose to be a normal student who is studying in Hogwarts with Harry Potter and be the one of friend and helping because if I chose to be with lord Voldemort on day he will also kill me so I would rather chose to be with Harry Potter and be a friend of his in the movie and studying magic in the amazing school Hogwarts wow can you image being a witchzard and studying spell and miracle thing like I will have power and I will also fight with evil and I can do what ever I won't and also I can help the character in movie a lot because I already watched the movie and I know who is how or I know each and everyone character and I can truly help a good side to fight the evil side and enjoy my life as powerful person in my dream land with all kind of freedom and another thing I want is gold a lot of gold so I can be rich in my movie as well and I also want elder wand and all power or I want to most power person in the story who can never die and live forever in the magic world which you can order whatever you want by just saying it.

Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.


Actually both was massy but I already clean up one which is my computer desktop before it was really messy because when I do my work or save any image from Internet I always save on my desktop because is easy to get for doing further work or edit and it is vey easy to find it, so it was very messy it was full of Microsoft word file and power point file and images that I save from Internet to do my project and school work but after I feel difficult to find something I need like I can’t even find my computer on my desktop because it was really really messy so what I do to clean it up is I create one folder and set it name as all and I just drag all my Microsoft word file, PowerPoint file, and all images which is not the main thing that should be on desktop like my computer, recycle bin, and all basic think I just arrange it properly in desktop and other I just put it in one folder which name all that’s all my desktop is looking cleans and feel good to use it.

Now the thing which is messy right now is my bed room because when I do homework, I always do it one my bed and also my laptop it use to be on my bed when I’m working and also all the book and note book, pen, pencil , paper , folder, eraser can you imagine is everything just on my bed and I can’t even strength my legs or move my body freely because I’m surrounded by book and all study material computer and …….. So the moment I feel tired and or I’m done with my work or when I decide to sleep I will just remove everything from bad and transfer it to the side of bed without arranging it because I’m sleepy and tired to do it so I just leave beside my bed every and it really look messy you computer and book and paper, pen, pencil it just not arrange and it look like dust or dustbin area but I’m too tired to arranged and when the morning when my mom see how messy it is she will start shout at it means that my bad room is more messier.

Big Day Ahead
It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?


First let me tell me you the reason of nervousness according to my opinion it is the feeling of fearing that something wrong will happens, may be because sometime you are not confident that you are really prepared for such a big day, or even something because of the preparation is not enough and this feeling of nerve it can be one reason that can destroy everything completely. 

Let me tell you about my experience that how do I do to control my nerve of such big day, usually a big day for me is final examination of a quarter. Which each and everyday because of the preparation to take the exam I have to stay awake whole night or not getting chance of sleeping due to the preparation because the coverage of the exam is usually a lot and it is impossible to sleep at that night so when the time we are going to take exam I will be extremely nervous but the thing that can stop me from it is I know from the deep point of heart that I am very well prepared because I sacrifice my night sleep and tell my self with confident that you already read and remember every thing nothing more you need to know because everything is in your brain so cool down and be confident everything will be alright just cool down be confident you already do your best and remember everything which is need to. 

Yeah so this is my technique, overall is to make yourself believe in yourself that you already well prepared for the big day and nothing can stop you from being successful because you work hard to achieve it, and hard work is a key whole to overall what I mean is everything it depend on yourself and your think which you 
need think positively. Positive thinking can make you fell more confidence and it also kill all your nervous and help you to act in a proper way, and as also give you confident to perform a work better and if you are not nervous and confident it will also show out emotional and if your emotion is bad it will effect your own work so just be confident and good mood and calms down so your brain will have no distraction and you will gain focus which it will help you to achieve a goal with successful.