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Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).
Actually there are many time i did this, when I was young I usually used a word that I not actually know a real meaning of it. Which I usually be scold by my parent, that it was a bad word but usually did'nt here it from the movie and don't know the meaning of it and use it in front of my many family member and they are surprise but I don't specifically remember what word was that because it was long time ago no one can remember it right now and also I here it from a school when I was in the kindergarden i travel back home by school bus and my set mate was a high school student and when they talk together I observe many word and I usually ask my parent or before asking I used by mistake or even tell it to them and then when they explain to me I will know that I was not suppose to use that word.

Now let me tell you a real event that I can completely remember and fell insulting of my self. On day I call to hospital to get a appointment of doctor at the hospital, and they ask a full name of doctor his name was Dr.phat but before the name there was some abbreviation letter which the real meaning is professor but it was in thai I misunderstand it. The meaning of profess in thai is sat-tra-chan and I misunderstood the abbreviation as sat-ta-va-pheat which mean animal doctor and instead of i telling the call center girl sattrachann pheat phat and told "her sattava pheat phat " and she said please can you tell the mean of doctor again I told her doctor phat i mean sattava pheat phat and she start laughing a lot and like non stop language I was surprise and thinking what is going on why is laughing at me a lot I just tell her the name of doctor I she tell me ok your appointment is fix, and then I ask my mom why was she laughing a lot I just told the name of the doctor and tell my mom exact word what I told the call center girl and then my mom tell me the real meaning of the word and I was also started to laugh a lot like non stop and share this joke to my relative so they may also be entertained a story of dog doctor as human doctor.