Unequal Terms

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Inequality means a lot to me because is a thing that contain or lead to unfairness in our world society. Inequality is a really bad thing, this thing can make a person loss many advantages which they suppose to get and also can lead a person to depression because the feeling of being unequal or feel that they are not qualified as other. Inequality is born from a personal or a person perspective of looking other in a negative way or sometime underestimate them or also sometime they have a intension to take advantages so they treat people differently. So I think is all about a person or a group of person  treating other not equally but according to their mood, personal feeling, or a perspective about that person.

I will share my experience of facing inequality, one day I went to Italian restaurant with my family and we order some food and a table near to us is a foreigner and we are not foreigner and that day we ordered some of the same item and what the Italian restaurant do is  they give the foreigner in a larger amount and give us in a lesser amount that really unfair because we are paying same amount so next time we will not attend this restaurant anymore is too much is like acting against as.

And mostly inequality also happen to a person who know less about their right and usually been taking advantage by other like for example a person or people that just come out of Bangkok their had been treated not equally as a person who lived here and know how thing is suppose to be or go on in this city so the person who come from out of Bangkok usually been taking advantage from a bad and selfish people by charging over price in many thing.

And in to day world we can see inequality every where because today world it give a person who is more financially richer and who has a great name in a society or a person who is richer will usually been treated differently like they will be treat by other people fairly or even over fair because the people know that if they don’t treat these people fairly they will get into trouble but with a normal people who is not as rich and we’ll known as them sometime are being taking advantages.